Annual Arenado Pick Up Game


Nolan Arenado is an all-star 3rd baseman for the Colorado Rockies… he may even be the best third baseman in all of baseball. What does Nolan like to do in his free time you ask? Play WIFFLE ball! The past few years he’s hosted a pick up game at his family home and has even been quoted talking about the sport in a couple articles. Just a week ago the family pick up game happened again and was posted to Arenado’s cousin’s, Josh Fuentes, Instagram page. Also in attendance was Jonah Arenado, who is a 3rd baseman in the San Francisco Giants organization. The three time all-star, Nolan, made things more even keeled in the pick up game by batting lefty.

Some photos and videos from the game are posted below…


Stay tuned for a possible Way Too Beautiful vs. Arenado Family game… ya just never know!

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