Bat Review: Xylo

We’ve all heard (or at least most of us have) of Babz Big Flyz, but there are a few other wood bats on the market that are little known to the WIFFLE ball community. Today we take a look at Xylo.

Xylo is mostly known for their baseball bats, but they also have a Backyard Series bat, aka a WIFFLE ball bat.

The Backyard Series arrived to my house at the beginning of the wiffs season and upon opening it, I was hit with that fresh carved wood smell. It was amazing. I’m also pretty sure for the next week it stayed in my living room and every time I walked by the bat I had to pick it up and take a few swings.

I brought the Xylo bat out to a few tournaments to test it out, but unfortunately it’s not quite tournament ready yet and there’s two reasons why. First, the weight. Xylo is definitely too heavy for a tournament. For wiffs, obviously the lighter the better. Xylo is far from light when it comes to WIFFLE ball bats and since its so dense and heavy, it would certainly break quite a few WIFFLE balls. Next, the length. The original yellow bat is 32″ and that’s what the Backyard Series is. This is only a minor critique, but if there were a 34″ or 36″ option, it would be far better for competitive play.

That being said, Xylo is a great bat to warm up with! Makes your light bat feel even lighter after you take a few swings. I know Baumhauer loved having it around. He even yelled at me one Golden Stick tournament because I forgot to bring the bat and it screwed him up for the day. Xylo is also a great collectors piece. I opted for the yellow color. I mean, WIFFLE, right? This thing looks great next to all my other bats.

At the end of the day, with a few alterations to the weight and the length, I honestly believe Xylo could become part of the bat arsenal for WIFFLE-rs everywhere and its only $50.

If you’re interested in a Xylo Backyard Series bat for your league or your collection, be sure to click the picture/link below!

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