Moonshot EFX


It goes without saying that Moonshot is one of the top bats in the game right now. I had the opportunity to get my hands on the EFX version this fast pitch season.


It certainly didn’t disappoint!! It was easily my best year at the plate and the EFX played a major role. Let’s just say, Dinger City.

Some people may not like the weight of this bat (because its definitely heavier than most WIFFLE bats), but I loved it. Made my swing feel more natural. Kept me to my baseball roots. I felt more balanced at the plate than I have in a while and although it has that extra weight, my hands were quicker than ever.

With all the bat options out there, the only one I used this season was the EFX. It legit, is my new go to bat. It reminds me of the old Nerf bats you can’t find anymore. Maybe its because of the color, but regardless, this bat will definitely help your game.

Not only is the EFX my new go to bat, but it’s one of the cheaper Moonshot options too! If you really want a Moonshot and don’t have a ton of money to spend, go with this bat. Like I said earlier, it won’t disappoint. Don’t look past the EFX when you’re making your next WIFFLE purchase.




The BacKstop is a one-piece, portable, inflatable, backstop, strike-zone, catcher and umpire. No more arguing calls and chasing balls – just more fun!

I recently received my BacKstop and took it to my backyard to see what it was about. The ad and commercial don’t lie! This thing is great. Took me a matter of minutes to inflate and start pitching. Breaking it down is just as easy, if not easier (BacKstop comes with a pump so you won’t be out of breath come game time).

I’ve always been known as an “effectively wild” pitcher, so the absolute best part of the BacKstop is LESS CHASING THE BALL!!! I was throwing to it for roughly an hour before I realized how much time I killed. The BacKstop is lightweight and easy to bring anywhere. All you have to do is check out their Instagram page and you’ll see it can literally be set up anywhere… and when I say anywhere, I mean it. I’ve seen pictures of BacKstop on the beach, outside of the Baseball Hall of Fame, at the Little League World Series, and even outside multiple MLB stadiums.

I saw on Twitter recently that 98.7FM (which is an ESPN radio station in New York) had a BacKstop out on the beach with retired MLB player, Al Leiter.

If you don’t have one yet, head over to to get one now. They offer multiple packs. You can get just the BacKstop or with bats/balls included. They also offer just WIFFLE bats/balls as well. You won’t be disappointed. This is a great product for any WIFFLE-er out there!


Make sure you also check out BacKstop on:

’93 Phillies WIFFLE Derby


Not only did the Philadelphia Phillies add a sick WIFFLE ball field to their stadium this past off season, but just a little over a week ago, they brought in a few players from the 1993 National League Championship team for a WIFFLE ball home run derby! I just so happened to catch it on TV last night and wanted to share it with my fellow WIFFLE-ers. Enjoy!

PS, we’re still hoping to get a W2B vs. Phillies charity game going… only time will tell.

Philadelphia Phillies’ New WIFFLE Ball Field


If you drove or walked by Citizens Bank Park this off season you would have noticed there was a lot of construction taking place in the outfield. Well, one of those renovations is a WIFFLE ball field!

Citizens Bank Park will now be one of three stadiums with a WIFFLE ball field. The other two are Citi Field and AT&T Park. We had the chance to check out AT&T’s version this past summer.

Can’t wait to see what Citizens Bank has to offer with their field. Maybe we can talk them into hosting a tournament!

Irish Christmas Eve


Last week Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, was interviewing Alicia Vikander. While interviewing Alicia, she decided to teach him a game from Sweden called, Irish Christmas Eve. Notice what type of bat they used? Yes, a WIFFLE ball bat! Reminds us of a game we play called, dizzy bat… minus the drinking. In Irish Christmas Eve you spin around with your head on the bat and then try to destroy plates with a bow and arrow. Sounds and looks like fun! Plus its always hilarious to watch someone trying anything while dizzy, so we’ve posted the video of Irish Christmas Eve below… enjoy!

Annual Arenado Pick Up Game


Nolan Arenado is an all-star 3rd baseman for the Colorado Rockies… he may even be the best third baseman in all of baseball. What does Nolan like to do in his free time you ask? Play WIFFLE ball! The past few years he’s hosted a pick up game at his family home and has even been quoted talking about the sport in a couple articles. Just a week ago the family pick up game happened again and was posted to Arenado’s cousin’s, Josh Fuentes, Instagram page. Also in attendance was Jonah Arenado, who is a 3rd baseman in the San Francisco Giants organization. The three time all-star, Nolan, made things more even keeled in the pick up game by batting lefty.

Some photos and videos from the game are posted below…


Stay tuned for a possible Way Too Beautiful vs. Arenado Family game… ya just never know!

It’s Official!

WIFFLE ball has officially been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame… and in our opinion, it’s about damn time!

Below you can watch the full, 13 minute, induction ceremony…

Check out the WIFFLE press release here: WIFFLE Toy Hall of Fame Press Release


Washington Wizards Play WIFFLE Ball At Practice


The Washington Wizards played WIFFLE ball to warm up for practice last Tuesday while they were out in Los Angeles.

The Wizards aren’t the first professional team in DC to be linked to WIFFLE ball this year either. Back in April, the Nationals told the Capitals they owed them a WIFFLE ball tournament at the Verizon Center and the Capitals agreed!

We’re thinking it’s time to challenge these three teams to a game and see what they got!

The National Toy Hall Of Fame!


WIFFLE ball is one of 12 finalists with a chance to get into the National Toy Hall of Fame! Only two or three finalists will make it into the hall of fame for 2017. Winners will be announced during a ceremony at The Strong National Museum of Play on Thursday, November 9, at 10:30 a.m.

Make sure to help get the sport we all know and love, WIFFLE ball, inducted into the hall of fame by voting daily at