Katz JCC WIFFLE Ball Tournament (February)

The Katz JCC WIFFLE Ball Tournament is a biannual tournament that is always held in February and November of each year.  This is the fourth time that we have played in this tournament.  The rules are always the same, except this time there were three rules added. The new rules were a double play rule, a 12 run mercy rule, and third strike foul into the strike zone is an out.

– Yellow bats.
– Unscuffed balls.
– 2 walk limit (after your team has walked twice in one inning, you cannot walk anymore).
– Medium pitch speed.
– Double plays. When ground ball is fielded by pitcher (with a runner on first), pitcher can throw ball at strike zone and if the throw hits for a strike then it counts for two outs.
– If you foul the ball into the strike zone (on your third strike) it counts as the catcher catching the ball and you are out.

– 12 run mercy rule.
– Indoor tournament.
– Play the ball off of the roof/walls (i.e. you can still get hits and outs).
– Double elimination.
– Count is 3 strikes and 4 balls (until 2 walk limit is reached, then it’s just 3 strikes).
– Once batter has 2 strikes on them, they get 2 fouls… 2nd foul = an out.
– No base running.
– Single, double, triple, and home run are all based on where ball lands.
– Up to 5 players on a team, but only 3 can play in the field (1 pitcher and 2 outfielders).
– 3 innings.
– $20 per person.

This time around the tournament maxed out at 6 teams! This is the first time we have seen this accomplished and we are going to assume it was thanks to our site (WIFFLEballtournaments.com)! We definitely heard at least one team say that’s how they found out about the tournament. It was great to meet and see new faces.  There was some good competition too! There were two former champions in the building along with us, (Way Too Beautiful) the 3 time defending champs. As always, there were snacks and water provided.  The semi final game was played between a new team, WNTMJ and Way Too Beautiful. With a grand slam to give them the lead in the final inning, Way Too Beautiful would win 6-4 and move on to the finals, where they would meet the Yank Sox. To win the championship a fourth time in a row, W2B would need to beat the Yank Sox twice (as they had not lost in the double elimination tournament yet). W2B would fall short and lose to the Yank Sox, 2-1 and give up the throne until they try to win it back in November. The Yank Sox took home the championship and $50 cash. The date for the next tournament has not been released yet, but it is always held in November so make sure you check back to our website for the listing! We recommend that you sign up as soon as you see the listing go up because the tournament maxes out at 6 teams and after that, you will be wait listed.