WIFFLE Ball Tournament At WSLL
     Where: Johnstown, PA
     When: 9AM


     Hatboro WIFFLE Ball Classic
     Where: Hatboro, PA
     When: 11AM
     Facebook Page


     Indiana University Of Pennsylvania Intramural Blitzball
     Where: Indiana, PA
     When: 9/7/16 - 9/21/16


     Fast Plastic WIFFLE Ball Tournament
     Where: York, PA
     When: 9AM - 4PM
     Note: For more information, email
     Fast Plastic website
     Penn State WIFFLE Ball Tournament
     Where: State College, PA
     When: 10AM


     Lycoming College Intramural WIFFLE Ball
     Where: Williamsport, PA
     When: 9/12/16 - 9/30/16


     The Rock Station 97.7 WIFFLE Ball Tournament For The Vets
     Where: Butler, PA
     When: 9/17/16 - 9/18/16
     WIFFLE Fall Classic (4th Annual)
     Where: Norristown, PA
     Facebook Page


     Little Smiles WIFFLE Ball Tournament (2nd Annual)
     Where: Kennett Square, PA
     When: 2PM
     More Info