The BacKstop is a one-piece, portable, inflatable, backstop, strike-zone, catcher and umpire. No more arguing calls and chasing balls – just more fun!

I recently received my BacKstop and took it to my backyard to see what it was about. The ad and commercial don’t lie! This thing is great. Took me a matter of minutes to inflate and start pitching. Breaking it down is just as easy, if not easier (BacKstop comes with a pump so you won’t be out of breath come game time).

I’ve always been known as an “effectively wild” pitcher, so the absolute best part of the BacKstop is LESS CHASING THE BALL!!! I was throwing to it for roughly an hour before I realized how much time I killed. The BacKstop is lightweight and easy to bring anywhere. All you have to do is check out their Instagram page and you’ll see it can literally be set up anywhere… and when I say anywhere, I mean it. I’ve seen pictures of BacKstop on the beach, outside of the Baseball Hall of Fame, at the Little League World Series, and even outside multiple MLB stadiums.

I saw on Twitter recently that 98.7FM (which is an ESPN radio station in New York) had a BacKstop out on the beach with retired MLB player, Al Leiter.

If you don’t have one yet, head over to to get one now. They offer multiple packs. You can get just the BacKstop or with bats/balls included. They also offer just WIFFLE bats/balls as well. You won’t be disappointed. This is a great product for any WIFFLE-er out there!


Make sure you also check out BacKstop on:

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