Bat Review: SweetSpot

sweetspot - 01

A WIFFLE ball bat that Domingo Ayala is behind!? Wow, wow, wow that’s epic!!!

There are two versions of the SweetSpot bat available online. Those two versions are a 28″ and a 34″ bat. In this case, I’ll be reviewing the 34″ bat, which I had the pleasure of using in the Ridley Park WIFFLE Ball League this summer.

For starters, this bat feels and looks amazing. It’s light, has a great grip, and has an incredible whip when you swing it. However, as much as I love the whip, it’s a bit too much. It’s actually the biggest downfall to this bat. Unfortunately, as great as the whip feels, your bat ends up getting warped by your 4th plate appearance. Once the bat becomes warped, it seems tougher to make good contact with the ball. 

The good news is, even when the bat becomes warped, they’re very easy to bend back into form and if need be, they’re only $30 for a new one! Definitely one of the cheaper bats you can find.

All in all, the SweetSpot is a decent bat you can get on a budget. Personally, I still prefer the Moonshot bats, but they’re definitely way more costly.

If you’re interested in a SweetSpot bat for your league or your collection, be sure to click the picture/link below!

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