W2B Spotlight: Indiana WIFFLE League

“Indiana WIFFLE League provides a chance for kids ages 9-19 to enjoy the sport of WIFFLE ball. We have our tournaments and league in summer. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to get outside and enjoy their summer break. We are also a very competitive league. Last year we hosted 70+ games, this year looking for 100+. We have also gained 60+ sponsors!”

Last year, Indiana WIFFLE League was formed in Brazil, Indiana. It all started in Brayden Goff’s backyard so he and his friends would have something to do for the summer.

It turned out better than expected with 70+ games being played. The games were streamed live on YouTube and the league reached over 40,000 people on TikTok. One video of their field (before it was completed) has 39,000+ views by itself!


i’d have to say @circlecitywiffle has the best wiffleball field in indiana!!! check back soon to see results!!!#wiffleball #wiffleballfield

♬ original sound – CA2 ®

In 2023, they’re expecting these numbers to continue growing. A few ways Indiana WIFFLE League will be improving is by gaining sponsors, having jerseys for each team, reconstructing a nicer / more professional field, and streaming the games with a better view.

Indiana WIFFLE League wants everyone to have a chance at some fun this summer. If you or anyone you know is interested in sponsorships for the 2023 season, contact Brayden at 812-870-9532.

Indiana WIFFLE League’s 2023 opening day is scheduled for May 27th.

Will the Nipple Crew be able to repeat their 9-1 championship season? Only time will tell.

Be sure to tune in and follow Indiana WIFFLE League on…


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  1. Do not post anything from my outing. It is for police staff and the orphanage only. We started it in 1999
    Private event please remove from your web site.
    Bob Thinnes
    Bob Thinnes
    Security Manager
    Hamilton County Coroner
    4477 Carver Woods Drive
    Blue Ash, OH 45242
    Direct office line: 513.946.8754
    Cell: 859.991.1010

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