WIFFLE Fall Classic (4th Annual)

The past three years, the WIFFLE Fall Classic has raised money for the T21 Club of the Delaware Valley and Down Syndrome awareness. This year, however, the tournament was raising money for three year old Blaise, who was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (a rare bone cancer found in his femur) earlier this year.

– Yellow bats
– Unscuffed balls
– 5 balls = walk
– 3 strikes = out (even if you foul the 3rd strike)
– Medium pitch
– Pitcher cannot pitch back to back innings
– Minimum of 3 players per team
– 3 inning games
– Extra innings start with bases loaded
– $25 per person

As soon as the tournament started the turnout was already better than last year! There were 23 teams and the weather was perfect.


It was another great year on the WIFFLE field for the WIFFLE Fall Classic, bringing out all the stops. There was a home run derby, a raffle table, a 50/50, and even a cornhole tournament! The only complaint we heard during the day was that one team decided to leave halfway through the tournament, which slowed down the game play and completely messed up the cornhole tournament. But that is just a minor issue. There has already been talks about having a backup plan if something like that were to happen again next year. Also, to speed play up a little bit, there has also been talks of dropping the strike count down to 2 instead of 3. This is proven to work as we’ve seen in several other tournaments.

As stated earlier, this was one of the best years we’ve had at the WIFFLE Fall Classic! From the competition to the amount of money being raise for little Blaise, it was a great all around day! It’s always a pleasure raising money for a great charity and this was no different. Blaise even made an appearance along with the Phillie Phanatic, who usually steals the show, but Blaise stole his thunder this time. A big congrats to High & Inside on taking down the championship. We’ll have to come back with some fire next year to steal that title back, but until then we plan on keeping an eye on Blaise to see how his fight is going and you can too at http://blaisedavis.blogspot.com/.

We hope to see more of you out there next year as Joe (the tournament director) is already planning to make the event even bigger and better!