Big League Dreams Competitive League (Fall Season)

Big League Dreams is a great spot for indoor WIFFLE ball! They host a competitive and social league every spring, summer, fall, and winter.  They also occasionally host tournaments, but they are mostly know for their leagues.  There are two fields in this facility.  One is made to replicate Citizen’s Bank Park and the other is made to replicate Fenway.  This fall season, I had the pleasure of filling in with “The Nation” for a few games.  The league’s rules carry over from season to season and there have only been a few minor changes from the time that they opened.

– Yellow bats
– Unscuffed balls
– Medium pitch speed
– If the ball hits the roof it is considered a foul ball.  The only reason why the ball stays in fair play is if it hits the roof and continues into the home run area.
– Playoffs and seeding for playoffs is based off of your record from the 8 regular season games.
– Count is 2 strikes and 4 balls.
– No base running
– Single, double, triple, and home run are all based on where ball lands (and this varies depending which field you are on).
– Up to 8 players on a team, but only 5 can play in the field (1 pitcher and 4 fielders).
– 9 innings or 55 minutes.
– Self umpired.
– Strike zones used.
– $350 per team or $50 for free agents.

The only rule that I would like to see changed is the foul ball if you hit the roof rule.  I’ve played in games where this was a rule and others where the ball was still in play and, personally, I believe it is more fun when the ball is still in play because that can help/hurt both teams.  It also makes the defense have to use different tactics when the ball hits the roof because sometimes the trajectory can be very unpredictable! This season there were 8 teams.  In past there amount has varied, but it is usually around 8.  Playoffs took place over two weeks.  First round on a Wednesday night one week and then the semis and finals were both on Tuesday night the following week.  While filling in for “The Nation,” we were able to win our first playoff game and make it into the semi finals vs David’s Jewelers (the eventual winners).  These guys can hit!  They ended up beating us easily 31-11 and went on to win the championship, coming from behind in the 8th inning to win 7-5.  This certainly is a great league to be a part of and if you win the league, you receive a $100 discount to your next season.  Even if you don’t think you are ready for the competitive league then you can join the social league to get the feel for it.  I have never played in the social league, but my recommendation would be for the competitive league.  Its every Wednesday night, so if you can free up 8 Wednesdays then this is definitely a league that you should try!  I’ve heard of some of the players in this league travelling about an hour to play, so that certainly gives me the impression that it is worth it!  The next social season starts on 12/8/15 and the next competitive season starts on 12/9/15.

Big League Dreams