Play Ball Weekend


This past weekend was Play Ball Weekend around the MLB and 5 out of the 30 professional baseball teams gave out a total of 320,000 plastic bats and balls. Most of us would call them WIFFLE ball bats and balls although they were not the standard yellow bat and 8 holed ball. Love this idea to give away theses bats and balls to kids 14 and under and get them out of the house! Hopefully we’ll be seeing more WIFFLE ball games played in parks, backyards, and neighborhood streets! So we’d like to extend a huge shout out to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, Colorado Rockies, Minnesota Twins, and the New York Yankees! Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers even hosted a WIFFLE ball game on Venice Beach with a bunch of kids.

Just wish they would’ve allowed us, “kids at heart,” that are over 14 to have a chance at taking one of these awesome giveaways home!


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