WIFFLE® Is Coming!

With WIFFLE® ball season just around the corner, there are many leagues and tournaments popping up all over the country! GSWL is back with a new format and is opening it’s door to the national championship to any WIFFLE® team in the country that plays in any tournament, league, or even backyard game! There are so many leagues across the nation affiliated with the NWLA that it would be near impossible to name them all, but opening day for the majority of these leagues are already scheduled, as teams look to earn a spot to the NWLA Tournament.  Palisades is back for the 2016 season and is expected to be bigger than ever. Coming out of nowhere is the resurgence of Fast Plastic! Once the top league in the nation, Fast Plastic has been AWOL for a while, but is back and trying to gain the top spot once again.  Finally, we have Wiffleworks, a new name for the sport of WIFFLE® that is becoming known very quickly!  Wiffleworks is not a league, but they host a tournament nearly every weekend in different areas of Florida.  To find dates to all of these opening days and tournaments (plus many we didn’t get to mention), go to our homepage.  It looks like it’s going to be another great year of wiffs and I know Way Too Beautiful will be attending a few of these… will you!?

2 thoughts on “WIFFLE® Is Coming!

  1. Thank you for adding our tournament on April 16th. 6th Annual Zachary Siegfried Wiffle Ball Tournament hosted by Ball Parks 4 Him. $500 1st place team prize.

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