WIFFLE: A Nicaraguan Experience

A couple months ago, I stumbled upon this video on YouTube:

After watching, I needed to know more! I reached out to Christian, who was part of this WIFFLE ball experience in Nicaragua.

Q: What brought you to Nicaragua?

A: “I was part of a 24 person medical mission team from Nashville. We were a group of physicians, medical students, nursing students and some family members who served there for 8 days providing medical care to medically unserved people. We were from MCF (Medical Christian Fellowship) at Vanderbilt University and Community Bible Church and had clinics 5 days serving 700 people with both medical care and sharing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus.”

Q: Why did you choose WIFFLE ball as an activity?

A: “While we were attending a church service on Sunday, the kids broke out the WIFFLE ball! I couldn’t resist jumping in with them.”

Q: How did the kids enjoy it?

A: “Kids loved it. I learned that the Nicaraguan girls must be taken seriously on the WIFFLE field. I tossed some gentle underhanders to them and they crushed it!”

Q: Have you done this anywhere else?

A: “My history of WIFFLE goes back years. Our church (Community Bible Church) hosts a Father-Son WIFFLE ball tournament every year in February (snow or shine)! We have done this for the last 5 years and it is hosted by one of our members, Ben Zobrist of the Chicago Cubs. We also have several minor league players and college players join us. It’s an awesome time. Our team won the championship this year! (see attached pic)


Christian said that he plans on attending the Father-Son WIFFLE ball tournament again this year, but has no future plans on any more foreign WIFFLE ball experience… at the moment.

We will certainly keep an eye out to see if that changes!


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