Moonshot EFX


It goes without saying that Moonshot is one of the top bats in the game right now. I had the opportunity to get my hands on the EFX version this fast pitch season.


It certainly didn’t disappoint!! It was easily my best year at the plate and the EFX played a major role. Let’s just say, Dinger City.

Some people may not like the weight of this bat (because its definitely heavier than most WIFFLE bats), but I loved it. Made my swing feel more natural. Kept me to my baseball roots. I felt more balanced at the plate than I have in a while and although it has that extra weight, my hands were quicker than ever.

With all the bat options out there, the only one I used this season was the EFX. It legit, is my new go to bat. It reminds me of the old Nerf bats you can’t find anymore. Maybe its because of the color, but regardless, this bat will definitely help your game.

Not only is the EFX my new go to bat, but it’s one of the cheaper Moonshot options too! If you really want a Moonshot and don’t have a ton of money to spend, go with this bat. Like I said earlier, it won’t disappoint. Don’t look past the EFX when you’re making your next WIFFLE purchase.


The MLB Meets WIFFLE Ball


With the start of the MLB season only a few days away, I wanted to post about all the great WIFFLE ball encounters the pros had this off season…

We start in Chicago with the World Series Champions. The Cubs hosted this event last year and I guess it was a “HIT” because they brought it back for a 2nd year! The event the Cubs put on was a home run derby in Millennium Park. They invited fans to come down and see how good their swing actually was. If a fan was to hit a home run they would win tickets to a 2017 game (which could be tough to get this year… seeing as though they are the defending World Series champs).

Next we move on to Pittsburgh. This actually took place in Florida during Spring Training, but it involves the Pittsburgh Pirates. It all started when the Pirates dropped this video on February 24th of Andrew McCutchen and Josh Harrison playing a pickup game of WIFFLE ball after one of their practices.

Awesome stuff right!? Well, we later find out that Zach of Oakleaf WIFFLE Ball League was actually there that day throwing his nasty WIFFLE ball pitches to the Pirates players for Oakleaf’s newest YouTube video! I guess Cutch and Harrison wanted to see if they could do the same.

Finally we move on to Houston, where the Astros hosted a Play Ball event. At this event they presented all of the players with WIFFLE ball bats! Good work Houston Astros, good work!

Love seeing the MLB intermingle with WIFFLE ball and I’m sure this won’t be the last time either. So keep your eyes peeled and lest we not forget, “there are only three seasons a year… winter, baseball, and WIFFLE ball!”

And with that being said, WIFFLE ball season is right around the corner too, so make sure you are checking to find leagues and tournaments near you!